Live Chat Social Engineering leads to loss of VPS. This is a horrifying story, detailed eliquently step by step as a site owner watched, before his eyes, his servers dissapear.

Despite having 2factor on the Namecheap account, the VPS panel itself requires no 2factor and allows full serial console to the servers. At this point I was at the computer and saw a “Thanks for our chat here’s your login/password” email and VPS panel login notifications, and knew right away this was bad.

The post details how the attackers side-stepped 2FA Authentication and gained access to his servers. Then it got worse.

...the hacker decided to give up, but on the way out decided to click the conveniently located “Re-install” button next to each VPS.

And still worse…

Wrong; they have absolutely zero backups...

The lesson that is detailed should be a wakeup call to all of us. Just because it is in the cloud using 2FA Authentication, it really is just a computer sitting in someones closet, controlled by a human with their own little quirks and foibles.

without the social engineering the hacker would have not been able to get into these servers