Sometimes you just need a free site to spin up, for a hackathon, demo, or just to try out something new. Well, the fine folks at have a detailed, step by step guide on getting you started HERE

We’re all about helping people build their awesome ideas here at POP. What better way to kick off a hackathon or build an MVP than setting yourself up with a free Amazon EC2 instance with Elastic Block Storage and Relational Data Service for free.

For the uninitiated this may cover some tech you are not used to, such as SSH, MySQL, private keys and working in the terminal. But this is setting up a server, and not everything has buttons. Sometimes you have to type something in the CLI :)

  • Register a Domain with POP
  • Create a Free Amazon AWS Account
  • Create your EC2 Instance
  • Add New DNS Records to POP for your new EC2 Instance
  • Setup WordPress on your new EC2 Instance

So there you go folks. Everything you need to get a Wordpress site up on the Cloud. For Free!