How’s that title for link bait? CloudDYN has an article on the disappearing space in the Cloud, and what can be expected.

Wait? Disappearing? Well, in 2014 Seagate fired a volley of fear:

Mark Whitby, SVP of branded products at Seagate, walks us through the fascinating world of storage, warning us of the dangers of not producing enough data and introducing us to the concept of the Zettabyte. The world, he says, will produce 44 of these by 2020, which might not sound a lot until you consider that a Zettabyte is 10^21 bytes. -techradar

But that was 2014. Two years later and it’s still a topic.

companies are realizing the huge potential of big data, which can help them understand consumer behavior, better target their marketing strategies and build customer trust - CloudDYN

Where do they see the problem?

(it) is that it’s far easier to generate data than manufacture the capacity to handle it

HEREis the article by CloudDYN.

What is the solution? Money, energy, calories…and very smart people.