The EU is jumping onto the Big Data bandwagon:

The Commission today presented its blueprint for cloud-based services and world-class data infrastructure to ensure science, business and public services reap benefits of big data revolution.

Innovate UK Network has a article on EU science cloud to leverage academic research via Big Data.

The initiative aims to overhaul current “insufficient and fragmented infrastructure” and offer the EU's 1.7 million researchers and 70 million science and technology professionals "a virtual environment to store, share and re-use their data across disciplines and borders.”

It’s all fairly standard issue inntiative via PR at, but it was the last sentance that caught me eye:

"We will also be looking into the potential of quantum technologies which hold the promise to solve computational problems beyond current supercomputers."

This, to me, is the intesting part. It’s not what we can do with all this data, it’s what we don’t know yet what we can do with all this data.