The Register recently reported on a Cloud customer wanting a refund. This may sound boring. It’s not.

customers who had paid £50 for a year's worth of "unlimited" cloud-based storage were told that they actually had to pay an extra £30 a month for 1TB

As you can image, this triggered some interesting emails, all documented at The Register

As forced by your outragous price increase I have closed the account. I expect a 75%+ refund of the fee I paid you as it was active for less than 3 months. I hope this part of the process is less opaque than your other business dealings.

From this salvo launched by an unhappy customer, the email chain unfolds:

What you may have interpreted as “abuse” is only a statement of fact. At this stage, I am making no comment on the degree of business disruption caused by your self-publicised 8000% mid-contract price increases necessitating additional resources to change provider.


So factually speaking we did not increase our prices 8000%....

And then:

Yes, attitude is definitely there and with justification given the difficulties caused by your imposed price increases.

But enough of this silliness. Go check it out yourself, and think about how you would respond to your customers needs: